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This is the back-line we can provide.
As you can see this is all real vintage stuff.
Well taken care off and sounding great and yours to use.............for shows or JAMSESSIONS !!

The only thing you'll need is a guitar, bass, drumsticks,
great sounding voice and lets kick YEAH !!

See this logo next to the amp?
This means there's a movie made during one of the shows and you can listen to what that amp is capable of. Just hit the amp and enjoy those sweet tube-sounds.


opsommingsteken 4 x Shure SM58
opsommingsteken 1 x Shure Beta SM58
opsommingsteken 2 x Shure PG58
opsommingsteken Shure Prologue 10L
opsommingsteken Shure 545 SD
opsommingsteken Kennet KD 120
opsommingsteken SIB SC 57
opsommingsteken 3 x Audix i5
opsommingsteken 3 x Audix F10
opsommingsteken 1 x Audix F12
opsommingsteken 1 x Audix D3
opsommingsteken 2 x Audix Condenser
opsommingsteken AKG D 409
opsommingsteken 2 x K&K CTM 3 Condensator
opsommingsteken 1 x K&K CTM 4 Condensator

opsommingsteken Soundcraft 24/4/2 200B
opsommingsteken Bell 8/2

PA Speakers
opsommingsteken Klipsch


opsommingsteken JBL 6290 for monitorimg
opsommingsteken Dynacord PAA 880

opsommingsteken 4 x EV S200
opsommingsteken 2 x Solton


Back-line index Guitar Amps:

opsommingsteken Fender Bandmaster 1971 (silverface)
opsommingsteken Fender Bassman Amp (Blackface) 1966
opsommingsteken Fender Bandmaster Amp (Blackface) 1966
opsommingsteken Gibson GA-15RVT Explorer 1965
opsommingsteken Dynacord Bassking 1964
opsommingsteken Danelectro Centurion Model 275 1964
opsommingsteken Montgomery Ward 1950
opsommingsteken Oahu Tonemaster
opsommingsteken Binson HiFi 1959
opsommingsteken Ampeg Gemini I 1964
opsommingsteken Ampeg Reverberocket 1964
opsommingsteken Echolette Showstar 1964
opsommingsteken Selmer Treble 'n Bass 50 1964
opsommingsteken Klemt Echolette BS 40 1964
opsommingsteken Little Willie

Back-line index Bass Amps:

opsommingsteken Fender Bassman 135
opsommingsteken Fender Bassman 100
opsommingsteken Dynacord Bassking 1964 40 watt
opsommingsteken Davoli Super Bass head 60ties

Back-line index Speakercabs:

opsommingsteken 2 x 12" original Fender Bassman cab 1966
opsommingsteken 2 x 12" original Fender Bandmaster cab 1966
opsommingsteken 2 x 12" Winston  1968
opsommingsteken 2 x 12" original Dynacord B 90 1964
opsommingsteken 4 x 12" original Fender Bassman cab 1971
opsommingsteken 2 x 12" original MI, specs unknown
opsommingsteken 1 x 12" Dynacord G64 1966
opsommingsteken 2 Special cabs loaded with 12" H&H classics
opsommingsteken Davoli Super Bass cab 4x12" 60ties
opsommingsteken Earlie Koch 2x12" with Weber VCT speakers
opsommingsteken 4 x 10" Legend loaded with Jensen Alnico

Back-line- index Drumkit:
opsommingsteken George Hayman VibraSonic 1969

Back-line index Miscellaneous:

opsommingsteken Hammond L100 (tone-wheel & tubes)
opsommingsteken Leslie 760
opsommingsteken DI box Behringer Ultra Pro 4
opsommingsteken Leslie Model 16

Fender Bandmaster 50 Watt Top 1971

fender versterker enschede

Binson HiFI, 1959

Gibson GA-15RVT Explorer 1965

tubes a pair of 6EU7, 12AU7 & a pair of EL84 (6BQ5). Replacement 10 inch speaker.
gibson versterker enschede
gibsonversterker enschede


Echolette Showstar
echolette enschede

Danelectro Centurion Model 275 1964

tubes are 2 12AX7, 6CG7, 6X4, two 6V6, and 6AU6. Original Jensen C12Q speaker.
Danelectro enschede
dan electro enschede

Ampeg Gemini I G-12 112 Combo

tubes are 3 x 12AX7, 1 x 7199, 1 x 6CG7 in the preamp, 2 x 7591A in the power
ampeg gemini enschede

Selmer Treble 'n Bass 50 1964

head, tubes 3 Ecc83 preamp valves, 2 output valves EL 34's, rectifier GZ34.
selmer enschede
selmer enschede

dynacord enschede
Dynacord G64 1x 12" with Hiwatt speaker

Montgomery Ward 1950 (made by Danelectro)

tubes two coke bottle type 6L6G power, a 5Y3GT and two 12SJ7. Original Rola 12 inch speaker.
buizen versterker enschede
buizen enschede

Ampeg Reverberocket 1964

Sound vs looks : -)
ampeg reverberocket enschede



FENDER BASSMAN 135 + 4x12" cabinet

bassman enschede
Super klinkende bassman 135, dit is er 1 van zeer goede kwaliteit + daarbij een orginele 4 x 12" speakercabinet. Jaarlijks in onderhoud geweest.
Red Ruby Tubes

Zeer veel historie, nieuw jasje.
fender bassman enschede

vintage enschede



Oahu Tonemaster

late 40's, tubes 2 6V6's, a 6SC7, a 6SL7 and a 5Y3. 10 ich replacement Alnico speaker.
oahu enschede
oahu enschede

Klemt Echolette BS 40 1964

tubes two EL34's, 3 x ECC808


Fender Bassman (Blackface) 1966

fender blackface enschede


Leslie Model 16

This is a original Leslie Model 16 cabinet. This is the cabinet that was sold as the Fender "Vibratone" from late 1968 on, and was made famous on the Stevie Ray Vaughan song, "Cold Shot," among many other famous recordings. The Leslie cabinet creates a hypnotic Chorus/Vibrato effect, instantly recognizable, unmistakable, and unforgettable.


Little Willie

George Hayman VibraSonic 1969

Hayman drums were introduced in '69... they are English. The idea was to come up with a drum to "compete" with the success of the BIG American companies of the time. The shells were thin walled with rings, and painted white with what they called "Vibrasonic" interiors... The lugs were essentially a copy of the Camco design... Hayman was out of business by '75. They did have a couple nice endorsers though... the biggest would have to be Mitch Mitchell who was with Jimi Hendrix!

The company started with the name George Hayman on the badge... then shortened it to just Hayman in later years.

Our Hayman drumkit here with Marty Richards (Duke Robillard, J Geils Band) in the drivers seat.
The drumhead is from Drippin' Honey one of our all time favourite bands..........


Dynacord Bassking 1964

This full tube amp head was build by Dynacord between 1964 and 1967. The housing is a compact metal box with a silver colored front plate. Three input channels, each with its own volume control. One channel with standard plug for (bass-) guitar and two channels with DIN plugs for microphones, guitars or tape echo unit. The sensitivity of the DIN channels can be selected “high” or “low” by using the appropriate pin connection. Master volume, treble and bass control in common for all three channels. No standby-switch, quick power off/on switching should be avoided to save tubes and fuses. This amp is a great amp for playing it on stage in small clubs or with PA on bigger stages! It's very small and so very transportable. If you look at it and you hear it, you will say "That's not THAT little amp...?" Really Big BÄNG


Dynacord Bassking

Dynacord B 90 2 x 12"


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